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For over 50 years Atlas Gas has been providing safe, reliable, energy to customers throughout Ohio. Our value is in our dedicated employees with over twenty years of experience. Whether you are dealing with one of our professional Customer Service Representatives or one of our dedicated Delivery Drivers. You can be assured our goal is to satisfy your needs completely. When you look at what we offer, we believe you will choose an energy provider that has the ability, experience and dedication to ensure your total energy comfort for years to come. We believe you will choose Atlas Gas.

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Everyday in the news we see the rising cost of energy as the headline story, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned over the price of propane they may see next winter.  At Atlas Gas we share that concern and have some information available that should help.  First, the cost of energy is caused by many factors, both national and international, none of which we can control.  What we can control is how much energy we consume and how you can pay for that product.

At Atlas Gas we strongly recommend the budget payment plan for all customers.  Our budget plan is designed for 11 monthly payments, July to May. The budget payment allows you to build up a credit before the heating season begins and you dont have to worry about the number of deliveries you receive in the winter.



In order to be as efficient as possible, we encourage all customers to be on automatic delivery.  Through our software delivery program we can track your usage and only deliver product as you need it. We are aware that some people prefer to monitor their storage tanks and call for product when they see fit.  If you prefer to be a Will Call customer, please be aware of the following:

  • We require 5 business days to respond to a will call delivery.

  • Please call when your tank reads 30% to allow plenty of time for delivery.

  • We deliver a minimum of 200 gallons for all will call deliveries.

  • If you require a delivery in less than 5 business days, an off route fee up to $150.00 may be assessed for the delivery.


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  • Jefferson
  • Carroll
  • Stark
  • Columbiana
  • Harrison
  • Belmont
  • Tuscarawas

West Virginia:

  • Brooke
  • Hancock
  • Ohio


  • Beaver
  • Washington





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